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five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. in the news this saturday morning a san jose police officer wounded in a shootout with robbery suspects. how is the officer and where are the suspects? we are finding out where one of them is right now. and rain hit the bay area in a big way. are we facing a weekend washout? what about your travel day next weapons day? lisa will have more for you on that. lease arnold is going to have more for you on that right now, in fact. >> good morning, everyone. certainly a wet start out there. the rain is exiting the east bay. this is emeryville this morning.
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heaviest rain is in the north bay where they picked up over an inch of rain. live doplar 7hd shows you you can see the yellows pushing on out of santa rosa and the lighter returns to the south. just north of mount saint helena where they picked up an inch and a quarter, more rain continues to fall. highway 79. you see the lighter shades. and in the east bay a little wet. concord, highway 4 and pleasant hill, walnut creek. light rain to mountainville, 280, los gatos. we are looking for the system to exit the area and drying out later today. but more rain headed our way with a colder, stronger system this afternoon into the overnight hours. we will talk about if this one is a sierra no macer coming up in ing bit. terry. >> thank you very much. we have developing news out of san jose. there has been a development this a case where a police officer recovering after wounded
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in a shootout with robbery suspect. we are live where it happened. >> one suspect is now in custody. the other man remains on the loose, this following a shootout with police, as you mentioned here in east san jose. in fact because that one man still remains on the loose, this best western hotel we are staning in front of remains locked this morning because the clerk is afraid that that man on the loose is a danger. now, this video you are seeing is following a string of armed robberies. about 9:00 last night at a pizza parlor, a gas station and a fast-food restaurant, just after nine police spotted the two men and that led to a high she'd chase here. end where one man jumped out and fired at police. theoser was injured when several rounds hit his patrol car and shattered the windshield. both men got away. one man ran and the other drove
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away and crashed near a high school. he then ran away. >> we released a description of the suspect, it's an ongoing investigation. but the danger of these guys, anyone trying to kill a police officer as bad as it gets. >> well, as we just learned, san jose police did detain one of those men. the injured officer was treated as a hospital for minor injuries. again that's correct second robbery suspect remains on the loose this morning. again, businesses nearby remain on alert. worried that that man pose as threat to their safety. we are live in east san jose, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. a. >> the rain is here, as you
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know, and it was really coming down in the north day last night. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana went up there to show us how the folks were coping. >> the steady rain did not wash out this playoff game. >> how are they doing in the rain? >> lot of fumbles. >> a wet ball is hard to hold on to and both sides of losing it it. >> to on the field in this match-up, this game between the cougars and the knights, rain-soaked players still managed to make some big moves. off the field the rain prompted some last minute sales of a must-have accessory. >> rain ponchos! >> bradley snatched up a poncho because his umbrella was hijacked. >> where is your umbrella? >> my umbrella, my sister's friends took it. >> some of the hometown crowd cheered while staying nice and dry under an improvised sky box made of a tent. the rain was a welcome site for some.
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>> it's wonderful to see the rain. it's good for everything. >> i'm leaving soon to a hot and dusty area so this is very nice to be in front of. >> and one person not only hoped for more rain but he hoped for more snow? the sierra, too. >> i hope we have a lot more rain than last year. last year was pretty -- well, at least as far as snow went it was a disappointing year for that. >> the marin county, abc7 news. >> this morning we have the surveillance picture of a san francisco sheriff's deputy who was arrested for bank robbery. this is 36-year-old phillip chung tung. he robbed a bank of america bank in the richmond district earlier this month. he gave a note a teller saying he was armed and got away with $700 in cash. he never did show the weapon. he faces robbery charges of robbery and burglary. the military for israel said they responded to attacks launched by hamas.
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overnight targets included buildings link today top hamas officials, supply tunnels, a three-story apartment building and massive police compound in gaza. home of a hamas leader was hit. he was not home at the time. militants have unleashed some 500 rockets against israel, including new longer-range rockets that have hit tel aviv and jerusalem. there will be more coming up at 7:00. >> the attacks triggered a protest in san francisco yesterday. the pro-palestinian demonstrators want to see an end. but the israeli supporters said their nation is acting in self-defense. >> new this morning is southern egypt a train collided with a school bus carrying kindergartners killing at least 47. it occurred as the bus crossed the track. others are still missing. distraught families search the tracks tore loved ones. officials say it appears the railroad crossing was not closed as the train sped toward it.
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egypt's train has a poor safety record. badly maintained equipment. >> we are learning more about a man arrested at the oakland international airport yesterday. the officials believe he tried to sneak bomb maybeling materials through the gate. >> authorities in missouri arrested a man they say planned to shoot up a theater during the >> we did some digging and found this website for jeff who appears to be in creative media. his linked-in profile said he's an executive creator director and producer origin rate tore contest in the los angeles area. but click on the company's link and you are out of luck. he was arrested while going through the check point at southwest airlines. he was on his way home to southern california. we are told he took off his watch and put it in a bin with his carry i don't know, and covered it with a coat.
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>> the watch had on it a toggle switch, a series of fuses, a series of wires protruding from it, a circuit board. >> the alameda county sheriff's sergeant said even though he was not in possess eggs of explosives, the bomb squad determined he had what was needed to make a timing device for a bomb. police also say his boots were two sizes too big and stuffed with layers of in soles, just like the shoe bomber, richard read. >> he had what appeared to be a homemade cavity in there. >> an area where things could be stashed. and his shirt was military style. there was it tourniquet in the sleeve. it was what soldiers can use to stop the bleeding it if their arm is injured. and police want to find out what was really going on. nelson said there is always the concern that this could have been a dry run. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> straight ahead, a slight change of plans when the golden gate bridge with debut
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electronic t of olls for everybody and why you might see dozens of people naked at san francisco city hall today. and plus the ski resorts prepare for a big thanksgiving week with another
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authorities in missouri arrested a man they say planned to shoot up a theater during a "twilight" showing. his name is blake. his mother turned him in. she told police he intended to shoot people at the movie. he recently purchased two automatic weapons and hundreds of bullets. she said it reminded her of the attacks back in july in colorado during the opening of the movie "the dark knight." when police questioned the man, they said he confessed and he's mentally ill and off his medication. a group of nudists plan to protest in san francisco today hoping to convince supervisors to vote against a proposed ban on nudity this week. they marched naked to the federal courthouse yesterday. they are seeking a court order in support of what they call a fundamental freedom. they are filing a class action lawsuit to prevent the city from
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passing the ban. it is sponsored by the supervisor, and many of his constituents are sick of the so-called naked guys taking over the plaza in his district. the toll workers will have a job for another month. the tolls that are in addition to the fast track will replace the workers, but first new testing needs to be done. using electronic tolls could save an estimated $19 million over the next eight years. >> the lake tahoe area ski resorts are preparing for a big week. many are already open. sugar bowl opening today. reporter george warren has the story from the springs. >> friday afternoon brought a mix of rain and snow to the summit. >> this is a really good start. i hate to read too much into it but so far signs are optimistic. >> as usual, borial was the first resort open and halloween, but that's more for bragging rights. thanksgiving is what really
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counts and sugar bowl with open with at least lifts, knob hill at the bottom and lincoln at the top. >> we usually ski at thanksgiving so a week prior is amazing for us. >> while here they tested a third lift, disney, to make a game-day decisions about running that one as well. they decided they would on sunday. >> thanksgiving is big for resorts. it's typically the first big weekend that all the resorts get. and it just kicks off the season. especially coming off last year. >> sierra ski resorts really will have something to be it thankful for next week if the storms come this week and clear out in time for the weekend for the skiers to get up here. abc7 news. >> joining us now, and i mean just joining us now, lease arnold. you cannot get the latest information, i mean you have up to the second information. >> well, i was look at the winds in particularly seriously.
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they are out of the southeast gusting to 30 in san jose. gusty winds along the coast, also in hayward. not only do we have a light rain, here's a look at the golden gate bridge. fog and breezy winds but a break before our stronger system arrives later on today. i'll explain coming up. >> we are talking about storm system number three. >> you got it. >> i'm following you. and jim harbaugh returns to work one day after visiting the
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>> lisa arrange is here with the storm forecast. >> the one right now really spreading rain in the sierra nevada. in fact, the snow we had unfortunately melting but there's more to come with the colder, stronger system. here's a look at heavenly right now where we are reporting rain at the tahoe valley airport. also at truck key with numbers near 40 degrees. and locally temperatures are anywhere from two to nine degrees warmer than yesterday morning at this time. so we are looking at the rain showers exiting the peninsula and the east bay so let's get you back home and talk about the winds, as well. here's the san mateo bridge. we have gusty winds out there around hay war, gusting to over 20 miles an hour. also at our coast. and in the inland east bay. do be careful out there.
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there's fog on top of all the rain. but you know the next system will bring breezy winds out ahead of the cold front that is slated to arrive by late this afternoon in the north bay. the north bay right now is where we take you where the heaviest rain is. it really has been quite light throughout the morning hours. in fact, we are looking at scattered showers south of here. but notice out toward woodland we are looking at the heaviest showers but lighter, moderate rain from concord, pleasant hill and walnut creek. and take you back just exiting hercules. and further south from mountain view a few scattered light rain showers, page mill road and down around los gatos. take it easy out there. the roadways are slick, the visibility is reduced. but temperatures are mild but with the gusty winds out there, 61 in fremont, 60 in mountain view as well as san jose, 58 downtown. the visibility, well, it has been reduced in some spots.
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just over a mile half moon bay. we are up to five miles sfo and 2 1/2 miles novato and little reduced by concord this morning. the rain this morning exiting and then we have the lull throughout the afternoon. sunny breaks. a colder storm system tonight. that will bring rainfall amounts upward to 2 inches in the north bay and only a half-inch total through the east bay and the peninsula from friday through tomorrow morning. and then that colder storm will exit the bay area, bringing a dry day, but a chilly afternoon tomorrow and the next system, it's slated for just before thanksgiving. here's a look at our satellite and radar composite. this is what is over the bay area right now. that system continues to push east of the bay so the rain continues to bring, move up from that moist, you southerly direction w with it the mild temperatures not a great snowmaker. here come the next system. here's the brake this afternoon. this one out of the north and
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west. the colder system, so by 5:00 the north bay is wet. if you have evening plans tonight it will be rainy out there. bring the rain gear. give yourself some extra team but then we break into a partly cloudy afternoon tomorrow with chilly temperatures. rainfall amounts we talked about them earlier. that's through tomorrow morning in the east bay and south bay. the snow level is high today but it lowers tomorrow to about 6,000 feet. only two inches at lake level. most of the snow above 6500 feet. we are really at our high temperatures right now and we are looking at a few sunny breaks this afternoon. you know, the next system coming in on tuesday. it's going to be about as significant as this one here but then it should be out of here by wednesday into thanksgiving day. kind of a every two day event here. >> a fantastic shot of lake tahoe, the snow coming down, the ski resorts that need it after a rough year last year. maybe it will be a good one.
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>> i hope so. >> dan harris joins us from new york to tell us what is coming up division between thosee
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a need for speed and those who definitely do not. we will separate the weak from the chaff in weekend. >> do i here somebody laughing in the background? >> i think people were laughing at me because the assumption was i'm one of the people on the wrong side of that equation. you have to watch to find out. >> look forward to the race. thank you very much, dan. >> thanks. in sports 13th ranked stanford plays number 2 oregon in a huge match-up in eugene this evening. you can watch it here. that's at 5:00. cal meets oregon state tonight. san jose state will try to win their ninth game of the year when they play byu at 7:30 tonight. bring your upon chose. lisa said it's going to be raining. last night the warriors tried to get their fifth win of the year in minnesota. here's the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the warriors started a three-game road trip last night with a stop in minnesota. they got a lead late and then held on tight in that fourth quarter.
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ricky harrison barnes coming off the best game of his young pro career against the hawks. another nice drive and the floater. 18 for the kid. warriors went on a run to end the half. carl landry, with a an acquisition he has been. 15 points off the bench. steph curry with 17. just over three minutes left. knocking down the jumpers. and the warriors up five here. are barnes, look at this drive from midcourt. tremendous! warriors win their second straight, 106-98 was the final. two years ago the stanford women's basketball team snapped uconn's 90th game win streak and they did it again last night. they ended baylor's 42-game win streak. the teams playing in hawaii at the classic. britney griner here. stanford, you see in the internet video, lost to baylor in the final four last season, they take down number one 71-69.
6:25 am
the cal men on the road playing the university of denver. first road test for the bears. cal made 10 of their first 13 shots in the second half. allen crab head the bears for 20 points. breaking 1,000 career points at value. -- at cal. and david 11 points, 12 rebounds a baby hook on the base line. cal now 3-0 >> there was concern at first but upon seeing jim harbaugh back at practice, they joked the coach should be fined 500 bucks. he missed meetings on thursday. harbaugh returning after skipping one day to get treated for an irregular lar heartbeat. the coach said it's nothing new, he's been dealing with it most of his life. you can't take the stress out of the job when you are an nfl head coach but harbaugh said ellisen to the doctor and follow his advice on a proper diet and limbing caffeine. he's back to work full speed
6:26 am
ahead. >> definitely good to be back. driving here and you are not on the field and the team is practicing, it's like the dream i've had before. like you are supposed to be taking a test and the team is out there practicing and you are not out there. just glad to be out here. >> stanford, they will try to shock the world tonight. trying to take down number two oregon on the road in eugene. 5:00 p.m. kick off on abc7. if the ducks win they will claim the pac-12 north division title. the ducks have the longest win streak in the country, 13 straight games scoring 42 points or more in all of those victories. >> the one team in the nation that has played their best every single game. and my talk to our guys is you have to match that. you have to play your best. to play against the best, you have to give your best to give yourself a chance. >> stanford, they are 20 1/2 point underdog on the road at oregon.
6:27 am
again, 5:00 p.m. kick off here on abc7 and followed by another edition of lexus after the game with all the sports highlights. that's a wrap on sports. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> coming up, the huge food drive today that can help feed people in need on thanksgiving. how you can help. >> and a judge's decision on a
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>> we begin with developing news out of san jose where one suspect is in custody after a shootout with police. his accomplice is on the loose. we are joined live from san jose near where the shooting happened. >> one man is in custody and another remains on the loose, as you mentioned. the shootout happened right behind us. in fact, people in this area at this best western hotel right here at the intersection are still on high alert because that accomplice remains on the loose. they are looking they're doors to make sure that their safety is protected this morning. but let's get you to the video from last night. it was a string of armed robberies that alerted police. an armed robbery as a pizza parlor, a gas station and a fast-food restaurant. after nine police spotted and tried to pull over the two men who believed to be the thieves.
6:31 am
a high-speed chase ensued and a man jumped out and fired at police at the intersection behind us. one of the officers was injured when several rounds hit hits patrol car and shattered his windshield. >> one round either struck the officer or ricocheted and he was injured as a result of that. a second officer jumped out of his car and returned fire. >> they are praising the officer to tenning to pursue the shooters. both men got away, one on foot. the other drove away from police and crashed near a high school. he was eventually taken into custody in that area. he did have a gunshot wound but place are sayingite not life-threatening. his accomplice who can, again, remains on the lose. police have in the released a description of hip. they say it's an ongoing investigation. meanwhile the injured police officer was treated at a nearby hospital for what police are calling minor injuries. reporting live, abc7 news.
6:32 am
>> thanks very much. california's high-speed rail project will continue as scheduled at least for now. a judge has turned down an attempt by farmers to stop the project in the central valley where it is expected to break ground next summer. however, the legal fight is far from over. here's nannette miranda. >> the future of california's controversy 800-mile $68 billion high-speed rail project hinges on the outcome of a lawsuit filed by farmers, water districts and other opposing interests in the central valley. that's where the first segment is scheduled to break ground next summer. >> they are not following their own guidelines. they are supposed to use existing corridors, they are not. they are supposed to minimize impact to farmers, they did not. they are supposed to listen to people, they did not. >> the plaintiffs are asking for a six month injunction, halting the work so they can prove california failed to conduct thorough environmental reviews. if they had, they would say, the environmental impact reviews or
6:33 am
e.i.r.s would show having a bullet train running through the middle of farm lands and irrigation fields would adversely affect agriculture. >> we are looking at a situation undisclosed in the e. i. r. where a farmer might have to drive five miles to get from one side of his farm to another because there's a railroad right-of-way down the middle. >> authorities for the high-speed rail authority argue the environmental reviews were done properly and emphasize a delay could add to the already high price taking. >> 8 to $10 million if the court issues an injunction for six months. that would be their request. >> not to mention a delay to also jeopardize billions of dollars in federal grant money that must be spent by 2017. in the end the judge denied the preliminary injunctions which means barring other potential delays. , the project proceeds at
6:34 am
planned. the plaintiffs are considering taking their case to federal court. abc7 news. new this morning, president obama is on his way to southeast asia for a three-nation tour that would include burma. he left the white house about an hour ago. today he is on his way to thailand for events tomorrow. he will return to washington on wednesday just in time for thanksgiving. before he left the president recorded his weekly address urging the extension of tax cuts for most americans while raising taxes on the wealthiest americans. >> we shouldn't hold the middle class hostage while congress debates tax cuts for the wealthy. let's again our work by doing what we all agree on. let's keep taxes low for the middle class and let's get it done soon so we can give families and businesses good news going into the holiday season. >> republicans say raising taxes on people owning small businesses will be bad for businesses and families because they will be forced to lay off thousands of workers. >> new this morning the boy scouts will picking up boxed or
6:35 am
bagged food placed on doorsteps. you have to do it the next couple hours. it has to be there by 9:00 this morning. the drive is called scout fourth food with the bay area goal of collecting 450,000 pounds of food this year. if you live along the collection route, you probably have already received a door hanger telling but the drive and if you don't live in a collection route you can still den nate in person or on line. if you are on a collection route, again, it has to be out there by 9:00 this morning. >> the el camino car club will go to safe way and load up food bags for the food shelf. they are going for 1,000 pounds today. abc7 news is committed to working with bay area food banks to feed hungry people in our
6:36 am
communities. we have information on how you can help, including the most needed donations. go to under see it on tv. coming up next, we will attend a school of heros. a university of entrepreneurs where graduating could mac you millions. right now a live picture from san jose. where? lisa is saying just in time for the san jose state spartans game tonight. they will have rain and wind at the same time, lisa? she's going to clarify. she's going to clarify that a
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in san mateo, there's a school unlike any other. the students are exceptionally bright and competitive and the classes are unconventional. it's founder is an i con this silicon valley and if you do well you could graduate with the money you need to start your own company. vic lee has the story. >> the school is housed in the old nine-story benjamin franklin hotel in downtown san mateo. it's name is still above the entrance. but now out front there are pictures of apple founders steve jobs and elan must who started tesla motors. this is an unconventional school that teaches young entrepreneurs how to succeed in the real
6:40 am
business world. it's founder, capitalist tim draper, whose list includes hotlift, skype and tesla and now he's spent millions founding the new school. >> what i wanted to do was create a school of a type that encouraged people to step out there and become heros. to stick their neck out. as we say in the credo, to fail and fail again until they succeed. >> it's not open yet, but the school held a month-long pilot program for some 40 students this summer. >> my brand, my reputation are paramount. >> each morning starts out with a superhero pledge. >> i will treat people well. i will make short term sacrifices for long-term success. >> students sit on bean bags. the curriculum is just as unusual. there's yoga, go-carts, kayaking, painting, urban and rural survival contests.
6:41 am
draper said these abc news tests teach them how to take on challenges out in the real world. >> a few people will succeed at and many people will fail at. our goal really is for them to understand what eats like to fail and to move on. >> students have to apply for the eight-week program with tuition at $7,500. they are divided into teams competing against each other. >> i think people working in teams do extraordinary things that they wouldn't do for themselves >> they learn all the fundamental of business and traditional classes. they are taught not through instructors but executives from companies. and it ended with them pitching a business idea to a panel of venture capitalists. each student had two minutes to make their case. berkeley grad, she won the competition and she got funding for her idea. a better testing device to detect ovarian cysts.
6:42 am
she returned to the school recently during an open house for prospective students. she said draper university changed her life. >> i not only have a prototype. i have a product that is working in human tissue. i have a term sheet for the next round of funding, which will be a total of $4 million. >> those we spoke to at the open house all said that the school attracted them because of its free-spirited approach to entrepreneurship. >> it's a place for young people to come and learn to be innovative thinkers. and to reinvent the way they look at the world. >> i'm looking for something that pushes me outside of my comfort zone, gives me a chance to fail, a chance to be creative. >> draper university is said to open in april with 80 selected students or, as they are called here, 80 heroes. abc7 news. >> lisa is here to talk about what is going on here. you can see half the bay bridge. we have low clouds and rain
6:43 am
going on? >> we do." low visibility and breezy winds as well. still plenty of rain out there. here's the golden gate bridge. visibility from two miles or less around the bay. i'll tell you what this system ends and when the next one begins. and about the snowmaker we are expecting in the sierra nevada. that's all coming up. >> also ahead, store-bought stuffing promises to save you time on pg&e. but which one in theiumiest? we have the results of a stuffing taste test. >> leave these pickle the way they are. an entire nation will be second. >> a local improv celebrates a big
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6:46 am
>> anyone who hosts thanksgiving dinner knows how much work it is. so a good store-bought stuffing can help release some of the stress in the kitchen. here's 7 on your side's michael finney with a stuffing taste test. >> good morning. the stuffing has got to taste good. the consumer reports tests finds not all store-bought ones do. >> a moist, perfectly browned turkey is a must on thanksgiving. but it still isn't complete without a delicious stuffing. now preparing a holiday dinner from scratch is a lot of work.
6:47 am
so can you wow your guests with a store-bought stuffing? consumer reports tested 11 to see if you can cut a few corners and still get tasty results. testers looked at ones from stove top, arnold, pepperidge farm and even great value from wal-mart. each stuffing was prepared according to directions, adding ingredients like butter or margerine, celery, onion and broth. >> we wanted the stuffing to have a fresh broth favor, nonbullion and taste the fresh vegetables, not dried or dried stuff. >> these didn't come close to homemade. >> most had chewy vegetables, crunchy crumbs, dried seasonings, overpowering herbs and a less flavor. but testers say there's hope. two from pepperidge firm, the herbed seasoned and cornbread stuffing, are fresh tasting, flavorful and moist. >> both of the pepperidge farm
6:48 am
stuffings called for fresh ingredients. he add onion and celery. it's a little more work, but it's worth it for the taste. >> both would be a tasty addition to your thanksgiving dinner and no one need ever know the stuffing isn't homemade. >> while you wouldn't mistake turkey stuffing for a health food, consumer reports said you can make it a little healthier by reducing the fat and salt. you can use a lower sodium broth to do that or cut back on the amount of butter and add more fresh veggies and herbs for more flavor instead of adding for salt. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> lisa argen wasn't even paying attention to that story since you don't do any cooking on thanksgiving. >> that's not true! >> your husband says otherwise. >> okay, yeah. we'll talk about that later. do you plenty. outside this morning definitely there's the rain this morning but it is heading out of town in the next couple hours. >> great shot.
6:49 am
>> i know. look at mount tam. the heaviest rain focused in the north bay. official sun advise 6:53. you can see day light there. elsewhere the rain is not as intense in the east bay with emeryville looking at some light rain showers as well. but overall we've seen over an inch well north around mount saint helena and with a third of an inch around the santa cruz mountains and only .008 around the dub len fire station. good morning, live doppler 7hd. the rain continues to move from the south to the north and east and the trajectory is from a warm vantage point. we are looking at this mild air now with the snow levels very high in the sierra nevada. but the next system and the last system we will see over the weekend will bring much colder air. you see the rain beginning to taper off in the lather shades of green, but look at the darker
6:50 am
clouds toward dixonville. and still raining. berkeley and highway 4, walnut creek, wet weather down through oakland, alameda and along the coast. some light rain showers as well as into mel peseta's and the south bay. in the sierra nevada had has been raining with temperatures near 40 degrees. the snow level well above 7500 feet. we will look for this to taper off and then the snow and colder air getting into place through the overnight hours tonight. fremont 61 degrees with breezy winds and fog. 67 on the coast. gusty south winds and the visibility just over two miles. novato three males, half moon bay and just two miles concord. the winds are up and the colder storm system slated for tonight. in between we are looking at the low this afternoon. sunny breaks and dry for most of the day tomorrow as we begin to
6:51 am
see this system exit. but it's this one right here that is continuing to burn out of the bay area. we are on the back side of it. then we will look at conditions not too bad for saturday afternoon. enough time to cleanup but it will be breezy with this next system. winds will continue to pick up through the late afternoon. about 45:00, that's when we are looking for the rain to begin in santa rosa. but it's really about 7:00 it pushes through the central bay. overnight we will see the heavier rain and then we are looking at things really tapering off through sunday morning. there's the front pushing through, through the overnight hours. and we will shape up for a pretty cool and pretty nice afternoon tomorrow. but the rainfall amounts really anywhere from one to two inches through tomorrow. north bay, the heaviest rain, half-inch to inch in east bay, three quarters to inch and a half from san francisco. these are the three day totals. this next system will bring another inch in the north bay.
6:52 am
the snow levels continue to fall through tomorrow. low 60s today. that should do it for about everybody and that's where we are right now. not much of a temperature change and the look ahead shows the showers lingering through the morning hours and the chance for tuesday and wednesday we dry out into thanksgiving of the. >> thanks a lot, lisa. a bay area theater coming is celebrating 25 years of laking people laugh as quick thinking actors create hilarious situations. that's improv. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has a warning, be prepared to laugh. >> you've got to cure these pickles. >> why? >> if we leave the peck else the way they are, an entire nation will be sick. >> that was my suggestion at the bath improv theater. workers in a pickle-curing factory. what this innovative improv company and school has been doing since 1986, taking audience suggestions and creating a scene. >> i have enjoyed scoping you these past many months. >> how can i repay you?
6:53 am
>> it is no script. it's an exercise in creativity instantly. >> we are looking to create characters and tell a story from beginning, middle and end rather than just using the story as an excuse for a joke. >> overcoming writer's block, if you will. exploring qualities you may not know you had. >> one thing we work on, go with the first thing you think of. but it takes some practice to unwind your filter. >> there is the school and they go to businesses to do team building and communications building. >> helping people to talk with each other, do conflict resolution, understand where other people are coming from. >> it's about building confidence, too, and a willingness to take risks as employees or actors. >> in acting you are interpreting something and in improv you are making it up. you are doing the script, you are doing the action, you are doing everything at the same time. >> like these three at a justin beiber concert. >> i feel a little embarrassed.
6:54 am
i'm proud of my bieber love, okay? >> seems like anyone can become an instant success. a tribute to their 25 years and it tense through the end of the year. don sanchez, abc7 news. >> up next, puppies and kittens crying out for a new home. it comes with a what are you doing there?
6:55 am
i making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. wow, i'm impressed! [ ding ] dad, the cable's out! you got that right? [ kiss ] thank you ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin.
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6:57 am
shopping in downtown san francisco is made much cuter during the holidays. take a look at the fuzzy faces that are returning to the windows of macy's. dozens of kittens up for adoption at macy's. you can see them along the storefront. each window has a theme designed after a san francisco neighborhood. they said people adopted 325 pets from the holiday windows last year. >> should we sing "who's thatth doggy in the window"? >> you can. i'm going it talk about the rain. we are look tech showers here, highway 101, richmond and berkeley wet weather. we will look for this to continue for the next couple of hours. but this system is exiting the bay area. so the showers from 280, redwood city and around saratoga out of here. >> that's number two. >> that's number two. >> out of here. >> and we will look for a dry afternoon. then the next wetter, colder
6:58 am
system comes in tonight and then eats out of here again for tomorrow afternoon and then there's another one before thanksgiving but thanksgiving looks dry. >> all right, lisa. thanks a lot. thanks for joining us for the saturday morning news. abc7 news continues at 8:00
6:59 am
good morning, america. this morning, "twilight" terror, police arrest the young man who

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